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Heat Exchanger Fabrication

Mason Manufacturing is a heat exchanger fabrication specialist, serving a wide variety of processing industries. We specialize in custom shell and tube heat exchanger fabrication for specific customer applications.

As a leader in heat exchanger fabrication, Mason Manufacturing is skilled in engineering and fabricating a custom vessel that will conform to the customer’s specifications and applicable codes. Our engineers will model various shell and tube heat exchanger configurations for customers to optimize specified customer thermal requirements.

We realize customer needs can vary, from very small to very large units. Mason is capable of building large units of up to 15 feet in diameter and over 200,000 pounds. We also build many smaller units, including those used in pilot plant and for R&D testing. We cater to a wide variety of unique customer needs in differing markets.

Mason’s heat exchanger fabrication capability includes certifications to fabricate using a range of materials, including stainless, carbon and specialty alloys. In addition, Mason is certified in required weld and other fabrication procedures.

Heat exchanger fabrication of each shell & tube heat exchanger is completed within a formal, externally audited Quality Control program. Mason conforms to ASME Section VIII, Div 1 code requirements and is experienced in all TEMA types, fabricating to B, C, and R TEMA classes.

Mason Manufacturing has a long history with our customers. Our heat exchanger fabrication capabilities are valued and appreciated as consistently verified by repeat customer business.

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Call Mason Manufacturing at 217-422-2770 or contact us online for a quote regarding your next Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger need. A Mason representative will ensure that you are connected with the right person to answer your questions and inquiries. To learn more about Mason Manufacturing’s other products, click on any of the following links: