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(Note: Specific identities concealed in conformance with Customer Confidentiality Agreements)

Just wanted to let you know, the new 190 Proof Condenser is running great and it is functioning perfectly.  We gladly recommend Mason to others needing heat exchangers.

(Production Manager, Midwest Ethanol Plant)

We received our heat exchanger exactly as promised and with no issues.  The unit looks great.

(Process Engineer, Chemical Company)

The exchanger lined up precisely and we are already underway.  Thank you for all the help in getting this here on our short timeline.

(Process Engineer, Midwest Biodiesel Plant)

Our team is very impressed with your workmanship and how good the units look. We’re glad we found you. Thank you very much.

(Procurement Manager, North Central Chemical Plant)

Although Mason was not the low quote, we awarded to you based on all the extra value you consistently bring to each project from engineering to shipping. Thank you.

(Project Manager Midwest, Midwest Petrochemical Plant)

… that sounds great, thanks again for helping us with the shipping arrangements. It’s been a pleasure working with Mason, greatly appreciated, job well done.

(Sourcing Manager, Western Ethanol Plant)

Many thanks again for your attention to detail and follow through. Your team did a great job incorporating all our changes to get this right! I like working with Mason, thanks again.

(Project Engineer, South Eastern Plant)

Thanks so much for working with us to service a demanding end user customer. We appreciate all the extra time devoted to ensuring their satisfaction.

(Process Engineer ECP, ECP for Large Pulp Project)

Thanks for the quick turnaround on our quote!

(Sourcing Manager, Large Grain Processor)

The breadth of your shell and tube heat exchanger knowledge saved us countless dollars. Many thanks to the team for helping us make this a successful project.

(Project Manager, Large Cellulosic Plant)

Great job working with our short time line and delivering for our plant shut down. This is why we always come back to Mason.

(Process Engineer, Midwestern Ethanol Plant)

Mason engineering really helped us find an optimum heat exchanger solution given some of our customer’s challenging constraints. They did a great job in explaining options and the tradeoffs in different alternatives.

(Project Engineer, Engineering Consultant)

… your quickness and ability to answer questions in a timely manner and understanding of our urgency … was one of the reasons (besides having a competitive price) that we ended up choosing Mason.

(New Midwest Chemical Customer)

I am regularly in many plants both in the US and elsewhere around the world, and your shop is one of the best.

(Quality Inspector, EPC)

We have a long history with Mason because you always do what you say. We can always depend on you for good quality work and its always delivered on time.

(Procurement Manager, Upper Midwest Ethanol Plant)