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Petrochemical Heat Exchanger & Pressure Vessel

Since the early 1990s, Mason Manufacturing has developed a loyal following of customers in a variety of petrochemical market sectors.

Mason has provided many custom fabricated petrochemical heat exchanger and pressure vessel units to petrochemical plants throughout North America for a variety of products and applications.

Generally, a petrochemical heat exchanger and pressure vessel carries very specific requirements that require a custom fabrication solution. Mason can build a wide variety of solutions, fabricated to unique customer specifications and required codes. Vessels fabricated for each of the plants include: shell and tube heat exchangers, ASME pressure vessels “U” & “R” stamped, trayed columns, packed columns, reactors, API tanks and agitated tanks.

For heat exchanger solutions, Mason can fabricate all the various TEMA heat exchanger variations including U-Tube bundles, fixed tubesheet, floating tubesheet, shells with or without expansion joints, and other specialty configurations. We can also provide titanium bundles when required. Mason generally works within a range of 5/8” to 2” tube diameters. Many petrochemical plants require additional enhancements that Mason can provide, including extended surface tubing and turbulators.

Also, as a code shop, Mason is certified to fabricate petrochemical heat exchanger and pressure vessels using a wide variety of materials, including carbon steel, austenitic stainless, duplex stainless, high nickel, Hastelloy®, Inconel®, copper-nickel and a variety of other specialized metals. Many petrochemical heat exchanger and pressure vessel units can be optimized with reduced costs by using a variety of and/or combination of materials.

Mason Manufacturing can fabricate vessels from full vacuum to greater than 100 bar and to temperatures greater than 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unit dimensions are limited only by shipping constraints with segment lengths up to 120 feet and diameters to 15 feet 6 inches.

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Mason has been a long trusted name within the petrochemical market sector. Call Mason Manufacturing at 217-422-2770 or contact us online for a quote regarding your next vessel need. A Mason representative will ensure that you are connected with the right person to answer your questions and inquiries. To learn more about Mason Manufacturing’s other products, click on any of the following links: