Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
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Providing Solutions

As a leading heat exchanger manufacturer, Mason Manufacturing provides qualified custom fabrication of shell and tube heat exchangers, ASME pressure vessels, columns and tanks for industrial processing companies. Every job results in a vessel that is:

  • Engineered and fabricated to conform to specified customer requirements;
  • Fabricated within a formal quality program;
  • Completed by the pre-determined customer delivery date;
  • Competitively priced.

What Can Mason Manufacturing Do for You?

See how Mason outperforms as a leading heat exchanger manufacturer:

  • Quick quote turnaround, stated with delivery date: Cycles times are tracked and reported for each inquiry-to-quote received to assure quick turnaround.
  • Exceptional communication throughout process: Single point of communication established for every project; direct-line communication with specific company staff.
  • Quality: Full conformance to specifications, applicable codes and accepted industry standards: Independent auditors and inspectors rate Mason as “one of the best” as a heat exchanger manufacturer.
  • Competitive pricing: Pricing for exceptional value; reflecting Mason’s advantage with volume discounts and direct mill costing for materials; efficient two-shift welding/fitting labor productivity; exceptional manufacturing support services in Decatur.
  • Engineering capability: Experienced capabilities to service complex specifications as a heat exchanger manufacturer; experience in a variety of diverse industrial sectors including petrochemical heat exchangers and pressure vessels; experience in ASME Section VIII and TEMA standards.
  • Materials capability: As an experienced heat exchanger manufacturer, Mason works in all stainless grades, nickel alloys, carbon, clad and Hastelloys®.
  • Large vessel capability: We can fabricate 15 foot diameter and 320,000 pound units; 42 feet under crane; over 3,500 8 foot to 15 foot diameter heat exchangers delivered to date; operators trained to handle shipping of large/heavy vessels.
  • Fast delivery: Two-shift plant operation shortens project completion by weeks compared to other heat exchanger manufacturer companies.
  • Delivery commitment: As a heat exchanger manufacturer, Mason Manufacturing reviews production weekly for each individual job to minimize issues. This ongoing project tracking assures timely delivery. For years, we’ve consistently made plant shutdown deadlines.
  • Shipping support: Logistics specialist for hassle-free arrangements to assure predictable, on-time delivery.
  • Favorable freight costs and shipping flexibility: Centrally located in Illinois, close to three interstate highways, adjacent to rail siding and close to Decatur’s Midwest Inland Port.


As a heat exchanger manufacturer, Mason Manufacturing has over 60 years of experience engineering and fabricating vessels specializing in:

Since 2004, Mason vessels have been placed in over 100 North American ethanol plants built during that time. Recently, we’ve placed shell and tube heat exchangers in two of the three largest, new cellulosic plants.

We’re listed as a qualified heat exchanger manufacturer for major Ag Chem, Grain, Oil Seed, Petrochemical, and Chemical companies.

Discover all that Mason can do for you. Contact us today.